FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                         Contact Dr. Joshi for more information.

1. Who can join?  Anyone affiliated with Gordon College.

2. Why join?  You are interested in learning about different cultures (music, food, customs, dress, history, faith, etc.) or you wish to share your culture with others in a respectful manner.

3. How does one join?  Contact Dr. Joshi ( .

4. How much does it cost?  There is no fee to join.  Field trips are paid, in part, by the International Club account to allow for reasonable rates.

5. What do you do?  In the past we have gone to restaurants in Atlanta (Persian, Indian, Irish, etc.) and taken day trips to Stone Mountain Park, Olympic Park, and Underground Atlanta.  Recently, we have designed posters to inform and have people discuss internationally related issues.  We have also purchased DVDs to present a different cultural perspective each week during the 'dead time' on Wednesdays.  We are also in the process of developing some workshops on the issue of racism (see above).

6. How do you sign up for field trips?  Those who attend meetings get first choice.  We have a regular time (Wednesdays 2-2:50pm in room 324 Russell Hall) for meetings and cultural video presentations.  Members need to attend a majority of the meetings to maintain membership.